The Warm Up Box (Non-Members)


by Carl E. Hollander

The Warm-Up Box is a reservoir of warm-up ideas useful for anyone who works with groups. These warm-up suggestions may be augmented by ideas you already use. The introductory booklet explains the warming-up process. A section on sociometry and group cohesion follows. Finally, there is a discussion designating for which populations each of these warm-up techniques are most suited. Over 150-warm up techniques are included. Each card and each exercise tells the kinds of groups and levels of cohesion for which the particular warm-up is appropriate. This warm-up Box Package includes an introductory booklet and warm-up exercise cards. all are laid out to be printed on letter-size paper (8.5″x11″). You may then want to e-hole punch them and keep the sheets in a notebook type binder. Or, if you prefer, the index and exercise cards can be printed on card stock, cut, and put into an index card size box.

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