This page is designed to support psychodramatists who may be interested in teaching psychodrama/sociometry in colleges or universities. The list of syllabi below were submitted by psychodramatists – some of the courses are active while others are no longer active. We encourage you to consider using them to guide the creation of your own unique psychodrama syllabus. 

The ASGPP Professional Liaison Committee offers a best practices document to support psychodrama trainers in the role transition from trainer to professor. This short publication explores the differences between psychodrama training and teaching psychodrama in an academic context including the differences in purpose, objectives, scope, participants, emotional experiencing, norms, and content focus. This document also provides practical suggestions related to developing your own syllabus and warming-up your local university program to accepting a new psychodrama course.

Best Practices for Psychodrama in Academia: The Role Transition from Trainer to Professor

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In reading each syllabus, it is important to consider the context within which it was created for. Though each of the syllabi focuses primarily on sociometry and/or psychodrama, they vary in terms of the degree level (graduate/undergraduate) and the degree program that the course was designed for (drama therapy/psychology/social work/counseling/creative arts therapies). Some of the courses below are 1 credit seminar offerings while others are regular 3 credit courses. The courses also vary in terms of their scheduled meeting times – some are structured as weekend intensives while others are structured with weekly meetings throughout the semester.

For further information related to any individual syllabus, please contact the instructor directly. Please credit the author of individual resources when citing or using them. If you’d like to submit a new syllabus to this list, please obtain permission from your university and contact 

Counseling Program Courses (includes Counseling Psychology & Counseling Education):

Creative/Expressive Arts Therapy Program Courses:

Drama Therapy Program Courses:

Social Work Program Courses:

Other Syllabi for Inactive Courses:

*Please note that some of the assigned readings or references in the inactive courses are outdated. 

We would like to also acknowledge that many others are also teaching psychodrama courses within university programs in the United States and globally. This is by no means a comprehensive list of syllabi. Some syllabi were not included due to an inability to obtain permissions from universities to make their syllabus public or a lack of response. 

We would also like to acknowledge the significance of having a qualified Psychodramatist teach a course in psychodrama. The experiential and comprehensive nature of sociometry and psychodrama, as well as its potential for harm, underscore the importance of this point. We encourage universities who are interested in including psychodrama courses in their programs to reach out to us so we can connect you with a local Psychodramatist. A list of certified psychodrama practitioners and trainers are available at 

Though Moreno and others had been actively teaching psychodrama courses in universities since the 1930s, few remain today in the United States. However, internationally it is possible to find many psychodrama university courses and even entire graduate degree programs devoted to Moreno’s triadic system (sociometry, psychodrama, and group psychotherapy). It is our hope that this webpage might help promote a further integration of Moreno’s methods into United State academia.

If you’d like to submit a new syllabus to this list, please obtain permission from your university and contact