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As stated in the Transfer of Copyright (2001), Zerka Moreno transferred and assigned all copyrights (both domestic and international) to The American Society of Group Psychotherapy and Psychodrama (ASGPP).  The ASGPP has the right to register the copyright in their own name and has the exclusive right to dispose of the copyright in any way it sees fit.

The ASGPP is pleased to consider requests from individuals, groups or organizations seeking the right to translate the works of J.L. Moreno (hereafter the “Work” or “Works”) from English to another language, and to publish the works in print or online.  The ASGPP will review requests and, if accepted, will extend formal permission to undertake the translation through a Copyright Translation License Agreement.   Please review the standard terms below, and, if you are still interested in translating one or more of Dr. Moreno’s works, please complete the application form at


The Works of J. L. Moreno included in the copyright are:

  • The First Psychodramatic Family
  • Psychodrama, Volume II & III
  • Hypnosis & Psychodrama
  • Sociometry, Experimental Method and the Science of Society
  • Sociometry and the Science of Man
  • The Words of the Father
  • Theater of Spontaneity
  • Group Psychotherapy: A Symposium
  • The Sociometry Reader
  • The Autobiography of J. L. Moreno
  • Sociometry, A Journal of Inter-personal Relations (18 volumes)
  • The International Handbook of Sociometry (7 issues)
  • Group Psychotherapy, Psychodrama, and Sociometry (33) volumes
  • And all other works published under the Imprint of Beacon House

Standard Copyright and Translation Licensing Terms

  • $250 non-refundable license application fee. Upon completion of the signed agreement, this fee will be applied to the $1,000 licensing fee.  The license application fee is due at the time of application, and, starting in mid-November, can be paid via credit card through the ASGPP website.  We will send an email to interested parties with instructions as soon as ASGPP can accept payments on its website.  Until that time, publishers may complete and submit an application form at
  • Twelve (12) months to translate and publish translation of the requested Works of J.L. Moreno after date of execution of the license agreement.
  • Agreement is for a 5-year term unless a new edition is published.
  • Agreement is exclusive for the publishing of specified Work(s) in the language requested unless an exclusive license has already been granted.  To confirm that a license is still available for the desired work(s) in your language, send an email to with the Subject, Terms of Copyright Translation Agreement.
  • Balance of $1000 licensing fee ($750) is due upon execution of the license agreement
  • Royalty Fees of 10% on all sales, both print and online eBooks, are due within one month of the end of each quarter. After a licensing agreement is signed, ASGPP and the publisher will set up a convenient method for making royalty payments.
  • If a publisher requires additional documentation from ASGPP for tax or other purposes, any costs incurred by ASGPP will be billed to the publisher.
  • Translation must be performed by at least one translation professional who is fluent in both English and the language into which the work is to be translated and have experience in the fields of both Psychodrama and Psychotherapy/Psychology.
  • A description of the translation strategy as well as the marketing and distribution plan must be provided in the application.
  • A copy of the final draft of the translation must be provided to ASGPP in advance of publication.

Please email any questions about these general terms to with the Subject, Terms of Copyright Translation Agreement.